July 30, 2017

With Reince Priebus out as Chief of Staff for President Donald Trump it caused me to think.  Then, as the political expert I am, I got an idea.  This, in my opinion, reminded me of what happened to Mitt Romney.  Check out my video and see if you agree!  Is the Trump Whitehouse in "chaos," or is this part of a larger strategy by Trump?

John D. Villarreal, the 4X National Champion, Super Genius and "Political Exp...

July 15, 2017

Conservative New Media's John D. Villarreal, the Super Genius and "Political Expert," breaks down the current explosive Obama, Trump, and Russia Allegations and gives his expert analysis and opinion.  There is a lot that has happened in the President Donald Trump Russia "collusion" allegations, as well as the "deep state" and "resist" counter-allegations.  However, while this video was shot a while ago, in my opinion ("IMO"),...

July 15, 2017

If you watch ONE video on this subject, this is the one to watch, in my opinion ("IMO").  John D. Villarreal, the "Political Expert," Super Genius, and 4X National Champion lays it out in stunning detail and makes a very complex disparate subject/set of subjects easy to understand in this video.  How much does this video explain the World-wide populist movement, along with the election of President Donald Trump?

You need t...

July 15, 2017

There has been a lot of news and talk recently about the CNN WWE pro wrestling meme that President Donald Trump tweeted, and John D. Villarreal ("Team Trump") and Todd Tarble ("Team Resist") debate and react to this news story and the aftermath.

What do you think?

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