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Ultimate Analysis of the Obama, Trump, and Russia Allegations - "Ask a Super Genius" Series

July 15, 2017

Conservative New Media's John D. Villarreal, the Super Genius and "Political Expert," breaks down the current explosive Obama, Trump, and Russia Allegations and gives his expert analysis and opinion.  There is a lot that has happened in the President Donald Trump Russia "collusion" allegations, as well as the "deep state" and "resist" counter-allegations.  However, while this video was shot a while ago, in my opinion ("IMO"), it still has very relevant points, that again IMO have been proven correct.  Thus, it is even more interesting to see how much of John's points and analysis were proven right.


John is joined by Paul F. Villarreal, who adds his opinion as well.


Whom are we to believe in all this back-and-forth political banter and how do we cut though the


distractions and get to the core of the issue? What is at stake in this dispute? Do we have any clues about whom may be most trustworthy in this dispute?


All of these questions and more are examined in this video you can't afford to miss.


Below are some citations for the material discussed in the video:


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