XCOM 2 PS4 Review - by John D. Villarreal

July 18, 2017

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a very cool turn based game about aliens invading the Earth, and Earth's response to it.  XCOM 2 takes that concept and infuses it with more modern graphics.  In my opinion, this version does the XCOM concept much more justice.  It is fun to develop your strategies, tech, and squad to battle the aliens.  How, and where you expand is also a very important factor in the game.  While fans of the original game will feel some very family themes and gameplay. It has been enhanced with plenty of additional good options to make the game much more robust and variable.  My main complain was the long load times, but other than that I would give XCOM 2 somewhere around an 8.5-9 out of 10.  Check out my review below.



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