Audi A7 Competition Package - Review and Test Drive in 4K Ultra HD - by John D. Villarreal

Note: at the time of doing this video John D. Villarreal was a fleet sales manager at Audi North Austin and was paid by Audi North Austin as an employee, but was not paid specifically to do videos, nor was he paid by Audi to do videos. No one asked John to make this video. John owns and controls the content of this video. All of John's opinions are his own, and his honest opinions.

Finally, obviously, if you bought a vehicle from John at Audi North Austin, Maserati of Austin, or Porsche of Central Austin he would have made money selling you a vehicle.

The 2017 Audi A7 Competition Package was an interesting release by Audi. In my opinion, it fits nicely in the space between a regular Audi A7 and an Audi S7, perhaps not so much in terms of power, but it terms of look, and feel/style. It uses the same supercharged V6, and on paper, the horsepower bump is pretty small, 7 HP (from 333 to 340HP for the A7 Competition Package). However, in my opinion, The Audi A7 Competition Package does provide an interesting uptick in drive-ability and throttle response. To me, when I drove this car it almost felt like it had a "double sports mode" to a normal Audi A7, if that makes sense. This car looks great and is fun to drive. It also comes with the renowned Audi Quattro all-wheel drive system. In this video I review and test drive this car and bring you the action in 4K Ultra HD. Let me know what you think!

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