LG 30 CU. FT. 4-Door Black Stainless Steel Refrigerator (LG LPXS30866D) - Review & Demo in 4K Ultra HD - by John D. Villarreal.

July 19, 2017

Note: John bought this refrigerator (LG LPXS30866D) with his own money, and LG (or any entity or person related to LG) did not pay John, Salma, or Conservative New Media ("CNM") to do this video, nor ask them to do this video.  This is all their personal opinion only, and their true honest opinions.


This LG LPXS30866D 30 cubic foot 4-door black stainless steel fridge is so amazing.  I really like it a lot. It is a complete game-changer in the kitchen, in my opinion.  What makes this refrigerator so great is the technology, design, and functionality.  First, on the technology, it has the LG linear compressor technology.  In addition, I love the digital display and design on the water dispenser, and ice-maker in the front. 

 The door-in-door design is also very convenient for milk, and often-used drinks in my opinion.  What I also love is the ability to check and dial in temperature for the refrigerator and the freezer very easily from the outside.  From my daily use, this LG refrigerator seems to work very well and high-tech. However, the main thing for me is that the storage space is huge, the fridge looks amazing and is smudge resistant, and it is so functional.  Everything has a place, and tons of it, and it is all very organized.  I really like this fridge.  Check out my video review and let me know what you think!




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