"John D. Villarreal's 3-Step Super Green Smoothie" Using My Vitamix A3300 - in 4K Ultr


NOTE 1: This is not diet advice, medical advice, nutrition advice, or any other advice. This is just a video and post documenting/discussing how I make one of my smoothie recipes. Please check all the disclaimers and consult your medical/healthcare professionals before doing any diet, nutrition, or exercise program.


Note 2: John D. Villarreal, and CNM were not asked or paid by Vitamix (or any entity or person related to Vitamix) to make this video and post. John wanted to make this video and post on his own. All comments/opinions contained in this video and post are his own personal opinions only, and his honest opinions. John purchased the Vitamix A3300 through a bonus program at his work (Mercedes bonus program). In addition, John (or his wife Salma) purchased all the ingredients used in this video.


I had been making a lot of these smoothies lately and my wife really liked them, and so did I. So, I figured I would make a video on it! My goal with this smoothie was to have an awesome tasting smoothie and add a green punch to it. I went for a tropical fruit tasting smoothie base and added a spinach and kale kick to it basically with additional add-ins.

Below are the basic steps and ingredients I use.

Step 1: Add and mix the greens

Step 2: Add and mix the fruit

Step 3: Add the yogurt and everything else





Nectarine(s) (or peach(s), but I prefer nectarines)





Orange Juice

Greek Yogurt

Collagen (totally optional - my wife just likes it)

Hopefully I didn't miss anything. You can watch the video to be sure, but that is the main gist of it, in my opinion. Also, I don't measure amounts I just go be "feel" as I often want to tweak a recipe depending on my mood. Let me know what you think!

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